Welcome to Pure Red


Charlotte Crossman established Pure Red in 2005.  She works from a private clinic in Chelmsford.  She is an Acupuncturist & Herbalist, providing caring, wholistic and professional treatments for both adults and children.

The belief behind Pure Red is to combine a balanced system of health and life philosophies that exist within Chinese Medicine, to treat modern day health issues. Working to treat each person individually.  Being and feeling well, is about finding a healthy balance unique to you, and maintaining a sense of wellbeing so you can live your life to the full.



“My god, Charlotte. I have done a pregancy test, and I was sure it would negative, but to my shock it is POSITIVE!!! We are so excited, to say the least! I know it is the acupuncture and those horrid herbs I took, the treatment has helped in so many ways, and of course to get me to this point, where I can finally say: I’m PREGNANT! Thanks lots, I shall be coming back very soon” Jackie


“Thank you very much for all you have done to help bring our darling little Claire into the world quickly and safely! I really am in no doubt the acupressure relieved my back pain, and helped me through – along with the TENS machine too!! Im going to recommend acupuncture to all my pregnant friends. Thanks again Charlotte!” Mrs M


“The sciatica I have had ever since a back operation on my lumbar spine – felt so much better after one session. I must admit my wife persuaded me to go and see Charlotte – I was pretty sceptical about acupuncture, I’m so pleased with the results, it’s surely worth trying.” Martin

Gidea Park