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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is part of a long tradition, with a recorded history of two thousand years. In China it is practised alongside western medicine in state hospitals to treat a wide range of conditions. It is based upon the principle that good health is dependant on optimum vitality and balance. It has been used here since the 1980s and has expanded and gained in popularity.

Is Herbal Treatment safe?

You must make sure you are treated by a RCHM member (Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine) this is the main regulatory body in the UK. Charlotte Youdle is a member of the RCHM, her training is to a high standard; she complies with a strict code of practice, monitors each patient carefully, and only uses suppliers that are committed to quality. All Herbal Medicine is of plant material – absolutely no animal products are used in the UK. Serious adverse effects from Chinese Herbal Medicine are very rare, and it has a high safety record. Even though they are ‘natural’ products, this does not mean they can be no side effects. A trained practitioner must prescribe herbs, and monitor your progress.

Herbal Medicine is prescribed in traditional tea form, a powder to make into a tea, tablets, or external creams and ointments, accordingly for each person. It involves using a combination of herbs designed to correct the particular disharmony of the patient, this formula may well change and adapt as the treatment progresses.  Each formula is hand made and bespoke for each patient.