One question often asked by expectant mothers is whether or not acupuncture is safe to have during pregnancy. In answer to this, research has found acupuncture to be a safe & effective treatment option during pregnancy1. To make sure you will receive the best care, make sure your practitioner is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, to be assured that they have completed a high level of training & are insured to treat you. Some people worry that the needles will be painful; they shouldn’t. The needles are super fine; more like a pin than a needle & certainly nothing like the hypodermic needles that your midwife uses for taking blood. Most people find acupuncture treatment to be a relaxing & restful experience.

Great demands are being placed on the body hormonally & energetically during pregnancy – it’s hard work to nourish & grow a child for 9 months! No wonder that there can be so many unpleasant ‘side effects’ of pregnancy. Acupuncture can be used symptomatically throughout all 3 trimesters to deal with these problems. During the final weeks from week 35 onwards, Prebirth Acupuncture can be used to optimise the position of the baby & prepare the body for labour2.

Charlotte Youdle MBAcC MRCHM

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(Featured in the Chelmsford New Baby Guide 2009/10 for Mid essex Hospital Services, NHS Trust)